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3rd-Nov-2011 10:53 pm - Texas Killing Fields

An on set candid from Texas Killing Fields which is out in select theaters now. Grab some popcorn and go see it!

24th-Feb-2009 02:41 am - Scans: Watchmen Article - JD picture
Denny Smile

Scans of Italian article on Watchmen (on Series Magazine, February 2009).

Here are the scans:


Article is very flattering towards JD, basically it says that JD is gorgeous.
Thanks to mersil  for scanning it.

Babbo Winchester

JD pictures at Watchmen Premiere.

HI-RES PICTURES there. PLEASE do not re-post.

25th-Jan-2009 11:18 pm - "New" JDM site
I support John
The old Morgan's Maniacs website is no more. The amount of work to maintain the site using FrontPage was just too time consuming. The old site will be coming down Monday or Tuesday.

However, after some frustrating glitches, and heart stopping vanishing acts, there is already a brand new  (and I think shiny!) site devoted to JDM in it's place. Behold... Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Maniacs,  which you can find here: http://www.jeffreydeanmorgansmaniacs.org .
25th-Nov-2008 04:44 pm - Everything Denny
Babbo Winchester 2

Denny Promotional Stills, and picspam....

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25th-Nov-2008 04:08 pm - Watchmen HD Caps
Babbo Winchester

JD as the Comedian:

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9th-Aug-2008 08:01 pm - Screencaps—'Live!' // 228 caps
kaidan; armor
I bought the movie 'Live!' [with JDM and Katie Cassidy] yesterday and thought I could make some screencaps and share them with you guys and here we are. Samples are behind the cut.

SPN * John Winchester *yellow eyed*
i've just read this on comingsoon.net via SHH..sorry if it's already been posted

With The Dark Knight hitting theaters on July 18, many are wondering which trailers they can expect to be released with such a highly-anticipated movie. ComingSoon.net has now confirmed which trailers Warner Bros. Pictures will be debuting.


Instead, what you can expect are the first trailers for Warner Bros.' Terminator Salvation (May 22, 2009), which of course also stars Christian Bale, Zack Snyder's graphic novel adaptation Watchmen (Mar. 6, 2009), and the Ridley Scott-directed thriller Body of Lies (Oct. 10), with Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe.
17th-Jun-2008 12:30 am - Screencaps: Dead & Breakfast (JDM)
TBBT: Sheldon Bazinga!

960x540 - 100 Caps! - 5.58MB
Download Link
Updated link on December 12, 2008
**Possible spoiler for JDM's character**
Just the last image so you can delete that and enjoy the rest

This is just JDM's part in the movie. They aren't great, being low budget any movent caused it to blur. =P
Through his parts I did go frame by frame and grabbed what I could. So hopefully someone finds these useful.
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No need to credit or anything, just enjoy!
And holla if they need to be re-uploaded or if you want them uploaded to another site. Sendspace is just easier for me but if you perfer something else just say so.

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