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JDM Daily ;
A community for photos of Jeffrey Dean Morgan..
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14th-Nov-2011 11:41 pm - Breaking Dawn Premier

Fresh picture from today of Jeff and Hilarie* on the red carpet to support his buddy Billy Burke in Breaking Dawn.

*Please don't flame me for posting a picture with HB. It's a great picture!
13th-Nov-2011 01:06 pm - Yellow Eyed Demon John

An old school Supernatural pic because my hubby and I have been watching S01 discs today. :)
12th-Nov-2011 12:58 am - Long and Lean

Just a quick bike pic on my way to bed to give me some sweet dreams.
11th-Nov-2011 12:50 am - Texas Killing Fields... again

I almost forgot to post tonight!

An account affiliated with his on-screen wife tweeted this pic and I saved it for just sort a last minute JDM emergency.   I remember thinking when I watched this scene how awesome the dialog was between them.  Enjoy.

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9th-Nov-2011 10:05 pm - Naughty Smile

On Monday when I asked Sherie what pic was her favorite, she turned the question around on me. I couldn't think of just one, until today when I remembered this one... It is my very favorite! White shirt, tie, stubbled chin, and that wicked grin. I'm pretty sure it was taken on opening night of The Losers.

Does anyone else have a favorite picture? :)
8th-Nov-2011 07:40 pm - collage

Just a collage today because I'm on my phone and babysitting. And if you missed JDM on the Craig Ferguson show last night, the link is... Here!

7th-Nov-2011 11:04 pm - Donate JDM

A pic of Jeff, his mom and dogs from the recent donatejdm photo shoot because I've been twittering with my dear Sherie all night and she said it was one of her favorites. If you haven't checked out donatejdm, DO! They bring us all the very best swag for a very good cause.
6th-Nov-2011 05:42 pm - The Losers

Just a screen cap from The Losers because I like that movie and I'm lazy on Sundays.
6th-Nov-2011 12:35 am - Craig Ferguson

Just a quick pic from one of Jeff's appearances on the Late Late Show.  In related news: Jeff will be on the CBS talk show Monday Night November 7, 2011.  check your local listings for times.</p>

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4th-Nov-2011 10:36 pm - The Courier

A behind the scenes pic from the set of The Courier, and a clip from Discovery's show Sons of Guns where they meet JDM. If you can't see the vid, click the link. LJ hates me today.
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